The Artistry of Elfriede Abbe

{Ed. Note: This article is from Books and Vines contributor Dlphcoracl. Those interested in Elfriede Abbe‘s outstanding artwork should contact Elaine Beckwith Gallery who represents her estate.} Elfriede Abbe, who died in 2012 at the age of 93 years of age, was a multi-faceted artist (her obituary is here). Unfortunately for private press book collectors, her books were a relatively small part of her output and her life. … Continue reading The Artistry of Elfriede Abbe

A Look at the Incline Press

{Ed. Note: I would like to thank Books and Vines contributor Neil for providing some information, sentences and pictures for this article, as well as to Peter Owen, a 30 year Incline Press subscriber who owns each of their books, for his comments.} I recently received a shipment from the Incline Press, and I am enthusiastic to share their work with all Books and Vines … Continue reading A Look at the Incline Press