Wine, Wine and More Wine, Tasting Notes from 2013, Part III

This is installment three, in what will be a series of four, catching up on providing tasting notes  of wines tasted in 2013. The nice thing about this installment is the large number of truly excellent, world class wines that are reasonably priced.  You almost cannot go wrong on any of the below wines. On the higher end, the NV Coessens Champagne Blanc de Noirs Brut … Continue reading Wine, Wine and More Wine, Tasting Notes from 2013, Part III

July 2012 Wine Tasting Notes

July was very successful when it comes to tasting wine as all fourteen wines tried this month ended up being very nice to drink despite being reasonably inexpensive. Nothing was extraordinary, but most was very good to outstanding and I would be happy to have any of these bottles in my cellar. For those who like Nebbiolo, I would recommend the Wind Gap mentioned below … Continue reading July 2012 Wine Tasting Notes

Latest Wine Tasting Notes

I have not really attended many formal tastings of late, but continue to sacrifice my liver trying as many wines as can be managed in order to provide some guidance to my dear readers on which wines to try and which to avoid! Here are wines that I have sipped on over the previous month or two. 1998 Bruno Giacosa Barbaresco (Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barbaresco): Giacosa … Continue reading Latest Wine Tasting Notes