It’s the Holidays — Support the Fine Press Eco-System!

{Ed. Note: This first ran last holiday season, though it has been updated with current information and the latest news from fine press publishers.} As the holiday’s quickly approach, it is time to remind all Books and Vines readers about the importance of doing all we can to support those who create and sell the finely done private press books we all admire. In a world awash … Continue reading It’s the Holidays — Support the Fine Press Eco-System!

2014 Fine Press Trailers!

2014 promises to be an exciting year for collectors of books from todays fine press publishers. Much is in the works, as you will see below! As always, I encourage you to keep an eye on the great work these presses (and others) do in keeping alive the art and craft of finely published books and to support them, whenever possible, by purchasing their work! All … Continue reading 2014 Fine Press Trailers!