1) The copyright on all materials contained on this website remain with the individual authors, artists, photographers, printers, or companies. Books and Vines is a non-profit site offering reviews of fine press books in an attempt to educate people to the beauty created by masters of fine book publishing, and to expose them to classics. Every attempt is made to credit the copyright holder whenever known. All articles stay well within fair use bounds, all photographs being included solely to add context to the edition review and for educational purposes, with no commercial interest whatsoever. If you are the copyright holder and you are not credited in a manner you would like, or would prefer I withdraw any aspects/material contained in the book review please let me know and I will immediately attribute specifically to your precise wishes and/or withdraw the material from the review.

2) All pictures on Books and Vines are exclusively provided, under fair use, to highlight and visualize the review/criticism of the work being reviewed.  A side benefit, hopefully, is providing education on the historical and cultural benefits of having a healthy fine press industry and on the richness that this ‘old school approach’ of book publishing brings to the reading process, while also bringing exposure to the artists and craftspeople whose works are reviewed.  Books and Vines has no commercial stake or financial interest in any publisher, retailer or work reviewed on this site and receives no commercial interest or compensation for Books and Vines. Please note that works photographed are copyrighted by the publisher, author and/or illustrator as indicated in the articles. Permission to use contents from these works for anything outside of fair use purposes must come directly from the copyright owner and no permission is granted or implied to use photo’s or material found on Books and Vines for any purpose that would infringe on the rights of the copyright owner.

3) You may link to posts on Books and Vines. You may not re-post them nor may you use any photographs or content from Books and Vines for commercial purposes, nor for any purpose that could in any way violate the rights of the copyright holder.

4) All opinions expressed herewithin are the authors’ alone, and not reflective of any employers, previous employers, family members, friends, or associates of the author.

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