Books and Moving!

New reviews have pretty consistently been posted every Monday for a couple years now.  I am guessing some of the 1,100 subscribers to Books and Vines have noticed a rare period of inactivity of late. I am in the middle of a move, which has me buried and unable to find time to write and post.  The move will be complete by late March at which point normal posting will resume again.

Moving is, as most of you probably know, not at all fun!  This is compounded when one has to pack (and then unpack) carefully 1,000 fine and private press books along with hundreds and hundreds of bottles of wine!  The process is tortuous.  In any case, please do forgive the lack of posting activity and do keep checking in.  Things will be back to normal soon!

In the meantime, please do look through the index of reviews, there are almost certainly some you have missed and, with 400+ reviews, there is enough to whet your private press appetite until new posts return.

6 thoughts on “Books and Moving!

  1. Good energies to you for your move!
    With several tons worth of printing presses and metal type in my basement shop, I cannot fathom moving, be it 20 or 2000 miles away. 😉 We never know what life brings, though, do we?!
    All best to you,

  2. Hi Chris, best of luck with the move. I was afraid that you were sick. I look forward to the next update! Michael

    1. Hi All, Luckily I am just moving 20 miles! Still between kids, work and the quantity of books and wine, it is taking all time and energy out of me! Cannot wait to be done! Can only imagine doing this across an ocean!

  3. I’d love to hear what you did and how far you’re moving. I have moved thousands of miles across Canada and I experienced some success (boxes/packing utilized) and some issues (sweating of leather books). I’m also contemplating making a move across the Atlantic at some point but I’m leery about the books and the cost.

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