A Charles Dickens Christmas

Books and Vines would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas.  I hope all of you were able to give some private press Christmas joy this holiday season and, of course, I hope you are on the receiving end of such also! Thanks to Limited Editions Club, here are three holiday works of Charles Dickens, as presented in the early days of Books and Vines! So pop open a nice port — perhaps a 1992 Fonseca — grab a seat next to the fireplace, and enjoy these three great editions!

A Christmas Carol (1934, illustrated by Gordon Ross)

The Chimes (1931, illustrated by Arthur Rackham)

The Cricket on the Hearth (1933, illustrated by Hugh Thomson)

Thank you for your support since the relaunch a few months ago. Books and Vines now has nearly 500 subscribers, and is nearing 155,000 page views, this despite content from the site being intentionally ‘hidden’ from search engines (I will get around to explaining why at some point!). As of now, there are about 350 articles, of which 285 are book reviews. I really do appreciate your readership, your ideas for articles and your comments. Please pass on Books and Vines to anyone you think may be interested.

Dlphcoracl, Neil thank you for your many contributions!

4 thoughts on “A Charles Dickens Christmas

  1. I always read your Books and Vines posts, Chris. especially those about the LECs. I have the three Dickens’ Christmas stories, but rebound in a striking 1/2 scarlet goatskin and a dark green linen-like bookcloth. I have made a custom solander for each book covered in the same green bookcloth with the trays lined in a light green Laval velour cloth.

    The end pages were a quandary; I look a long time before finding a marbled paper in the same red and green Christmas colors.

    I have a not-very-good photo on my members gallery page of the rebound A Christmas Carol. The end pages, however, are not shown. Also, the green bookcloth is much brighter than shown. Picture taking is not my forte.

  2. “despite content from the site being intentionally ‘hidden’ from search engines (I will get around to explaining why at some point!)”

    My interest is peaked. 🙂

  3. Merry Christmas to you Chris, and thanks for your many articles over the years. I remember when you first posted the piece on the LEC Cricket on the Hearth, as I immediately went out and bought myself a copy. This weekend I had the opportunity to see Gerald Charles Dickens, the master’s great great grandfather perform A Christmas Carol. It was a delight, and afterwards he was kind enough to sign Cricket for me, surely a one of a kind remembrance!

    All the best of the Christmas Season to you and yours,

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