Books and Vines Returns!

{Ed. Comment: Please let me know if the text does not look sharp to you, I have had one report that in Chrome, things do not render quite correctly.}

After a 10 month hiatus, Books and Vines will once again be providing a look at Fine Press Books, classic literature, world class wine and a smattering of other “stuff” that strikes my fancy (travel, film, art, music and even some cultural criticism). The hiatus was mostly the result of simply being too busy with work and family obligations, including getting married and setting up a new household. In addition, like most things I do, I tended to put more time into this site than I should have, and so a priority reset was in order. Therefore, while what you will see going forward is much the same as that you were used to, I will have a more measured pace of postings.

What else will change? While fine press books will remain the highlight, I will be trying to have a bit more frequent occurrence of posts falling under both wine and the ‘a sundry’ category.  Variety is the spice of life, and while fine books provides the foundation, being well-rounded and not boringly single minded is a worthy objective. I hope you agree and, if not, you are welcome to start your own site!  🙂

As always, in an attempt to be lazy, I appreciate any contributions any of you out there would like to provide.  While happily for me, Books and Vines contributor DlphcOracl will continue to contribute substantially, as I hope Neil will, the more of you out there providing material, the more useful the site becomes for the fine press community.  I also appreciate contributions of articles on music, art, film and other worthy topics. So send me your publish worthy articles!

Fine Press publishers, artisan wine producers and artists/commentators of all sorts: I am happy to announce any releases, upcoming projects or other news you would like to share with the Books and Vines community.  So send me anything I can do to help you out including making sure I have a link to you on the Favorite Links menu option.

Be sure to check out the News menu option frequently (including now!), as I keep that as current as possible with announcements and scoops from fine press publishers and others as it relates to releases, events and other things most of you will find of interest. As a reminder, the Index of Book Reviews menu option lists the hundreds of books that have been reviewed on Books and Vines, and provides an option to review by publisher. The Misc menu options is where you will find everything not related to books or wine, including film reviews, art, music and travel. Lastly, if you are new to this site, please review the Legalisms link. It is critical that fair use is respected to the letter so to not infringe on copyright of the many book artists and others highlighted on this site. You should be sure you do not use materials from this site in anyway that would infringe on the copyright protections afforded those who have attained such.

Lastly, but most importantly, a big thank you to all out there that have provided support and encouragement throughout this endeavor, as well as to all subscribers. You are what makes this worthwhile.

You can follow Book and Vines on twitter using @BooksandVines, though it remains best to subscribe to the site directly! At some point, for a number of reasons, I may make Books and Vines subscription only (free, of course, but available only by signing up).

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16 thoughts on “Books and Vines Returns!

  1. Welcome back Chris!!! Congratulations on the life changes, and on finding a spouse tolerant of a large and growing collection of books! This site is absolutely fantastic,

  2. Just spent a very pleasant few hours going back through the words and images that I’ve missed being able to access for a while. What a fabulous resource this site is! The amount of information presented in a fairly short period of time is quite staggering and the quality of many of the articles makes them not only educational, but also a real pleasure to read. I spent some time reading the comments that have been left and many of them are just as considered and interesting as the articles themselves. I look forward to what is to come, but in the event that adding new articles isn’t possible, I hope the existing content remains accessible for a very long time.

    Wonderful site and a real achievement!

  3. Hi Chris,

    Married, new house etc. – Congratulations & best wishes! Sounds like you’ve had a very busy year.

    The site looks great and it I’m sure I echo the opinions of many in saying welcome back and thank you for bringing back a resource I’ve missed. I’m looking forward to looking over some of the wonderful words and images I haven’t been able to read for a while and looking forward to what is to come.

    It would be a pleasure to contribute some content in the future.

    All the best,


  4. Chris, so very pleased to have you return!! Thank you thank you!! I am wondering, as I will be in Ireland early next month, if you are aware of any fine presses that would be worth a visit. I will be in Dublin – then traveling through most of south east and southwest Ireland up to Galway.

    Again, so glad to see you back.

    1. Hi Bruce, some info, thanks to Martyn Ould: There is the National Printing Museum (, the library at Trinity College ( has many treasures, ditto Marsh’s Library (, and Chester Beatty Library ( – all these from personal experience and all in walking distance of the centre. The Ithys Press is in Dublin though I do not know much about it other than what is on its website (

      Hope this helps.

      1. Many thanks – now I know where I’ll be going – other than the pubs of course – my first couple of days in Dublin!!

  5. I’m truly excited that you’re back! I look forward to all of the new posts: books, vines, and sundry. And I look forward to re-reading some of the older posts as well. Thanks!

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