My Visit to Arion Press, Part 1 – Equipment

{Ed. Note:  See here, here and here for subsequent installments of pictures and notes from my visit to Arion Press.}

Those of you who read my review of A Delicate Balance know that I was lucky enough to attend the publication party at Arion Press last week.  I did not have a ton of time to peruse around the facility and library, but I did get a number of photo’s that those who love fine press books will enjoy.  This first post will show some of the equipment that Arion Press uses in the publication of their amazing books.  Future posts will show some of the artwork hanging on their walls, some books that are currently on display, and finally a closer look at some of the books in their library.

Equipment Photos

Note I did not have time for a formal tour.  I will do that soon, at which point I will post good descriptions of what you see below.  For now, just the pictures.

Arion Press Equipment
Arion Press Equipment (2)
Arion Press Equipment (3)
Arion Press Equipment (4)
Arion Press Equipment (5)
Arion Press – Work Area
Arion Press – For the Upcoming edition of Sappho
Arion Press – plates
Arion Press – Rows of Typeset Fonts
Arion Press – Sappho Coming Soon!
Arion Press – Coming Soon, Sappho, this will be one amazing edition!

To see some of this equipment in action, see the following video, first shown on CBS, of Arion’s printing of their magnificent Bible.

If you like what you see above, please think about contributing to The Grabhorn Institute which was formed in 2000 “in order to preserve and perpetuate the use of one of the last integrated typefoundry, letterpress printing, and bookbinding facilities as a living museum and educational center. A nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, it is the owner of Arion Press and M & H Type.”

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